Vacancy Announcement Details

Evaluation Specialist, P-3, Temporary Appointment

25 May 2023


The incumbent will be responsible for:

  1. Lead and/or contribute to the planning, implementation and rollout of independent evaluations of UNICEF’s overall institutional effectiveness (45%)
    • Contribute to strategic planning efforts to identify the highest-priority and most institutionally relevant evaluation themes in the portfolio, carry out qualitative and quantitative analyses (using, for instance, NVivo, Stata, SPSS, Excel, etc.) and secondary research, and participate in internal and external consultations to refine and finalize these topics for inclusion in the UNICEF Plan for Global Evaluations and Evaluation Office Annual Work Plan.
    • Contribute to drafting well-tailored and well-written evaluation concept notes and terms of reference under the guidance and supervision of the Senior Evaluation Specialist and in close consultation with key internal and external interlocutors.
    • Support the management of independent institutional effectiveness evaluations from start to finish, ensuring that these are as timely, credible and useful as possible in keeping with the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) revised norms and standards. Where appropriate, contribute to inception, data collection, data analysis and/or report drafting phases of individual evaluations as an embedded team member.
    • Arrange effective, participatory consultation processes with internal and external interlocutors (using Teams, Miro and other platforms), including scheduling meetings, interviews, preparing meeting logistics and taking notes.
    • Participate in the selection processes of external consultants and quality control processes of all outputs produced by consulting teams.
    • Contribute to efforts to identify, and either utilize or pilot and bring to scale, creative and innovative approaches to the evaluation of institutional effectiveness, from best-in-class methodological approaches to alternative modalities for disseminating evaluation results and engaging with key stakeholders in ways that foster evaluation buy-in, learning and ultimately uptake at every stage of the evaluation process. Identify and deploy best practices to the wider evaluation function as appropriate. 
    • Participate in on-going consultation and coordination with other headquarters divisions, regional offices, country offices and external partners, all in close collaboration with Regional Evaluation Advisers and where necessary Multi-Country Evaluation Officers.
  2. Support the preparation of high-quality and user-friendly evaluation products and their wide dissemination (45%)
    • Review evaluation products, including reports, to ensure they are high-quality, easy to understand and suitable for their target audience.
    • Draft and contribute to implement communication plans for evaluation products, involving key stakeholders.
    • Contribute to developing useful, inclusive and engaging evaluation products that foster stakeholder buy-in, learning, and the uptake of findings and recommendations (for instance, videos, briefings, webinars, etc.).
  3. Contribute to office- and function-wide initiatives and the smooth overall functioning of the Evaluation Office and evaluation function (10%)
    • Contribute to technical and strategic initiatives to strengthen the work of the Evaluation Office and the evaluation function more generally and of the evaluation culture within the Organization.
    • Contribute to office-wide processes, products and other outputs (e.g., strategic planning processes, drafting of annual reports, meeting agendas, syntheses, capacity development activities).
    • Contribute to a positive spirit of teamwork in the Evaluation Office.
    • Collaborate closely with other Evaluation Office colleagues, Regional Evaluation Advisers, and colleagues in UNICEF’s other knowledge and evidence functions to ensure a maximally efficient whole- of-organization approach to planning, managing, conducting, and communicating on evaluations.

This temporary 364 days, from August 2023 to July 2024. Key deliverables will be discussed with the supervisor at the beginning of the assignment, and they will include the support of up to four evaluation processes.

Full details available on the UNICEF website. Application deadline 13 June.